The Onslow County Home Builders Association is a trade association consisting of single and multi-family builders, developers, remodelers, suppliers and other allied professionals to the residential construction industry.


The Onslow County HBA is made up of members who are geographically located Onlsow County, and the surrounding counties. Upon joining the Onslow County HBA , membership is automatically accorded to the North Carolina Home Builders Association as well as the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, DC.

The annual membership dues of $451 (for builder and associate members--$95 for affiliate members) pay for all three memberships.


Three types of membership are available. Builder Members are involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction or remodeling and have to have a valid North Carolina Contractor's License.

Associate Members provide supplies or a service to builder members such as architects, building materials suppliers, insurance agencies, attorneys, electricians, bankers, engineers, etc.

Affiliate Members are from organizations that already have a Builder or Associate Member in the Onslow County HBA. Affiliate memberships allow one company (like realty firms or banks) to have multiple members in the Onslow County HBA at a reduced cost.


We live in a world of increasing regulations and new "fees". Our industry is increasingly seen, incorrectly, as a cashcow for local governments. As Abraham Lincoln rightly said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand". If we are united as an industry, we have a much better chance to protect our common interests.

Other benefits are numerous. Better rates on insurance, networking and educational opportunities, and the pride that comes from being a member of an organization which helps provide part of the American Dream: home ownership.

How to Join

Click on the 'Application' link on this page to download an application. Mail the application along with a check for $451.00 ($95 for an Affiliate Membership) to our Association Mailing Address.

Remember! Your annual local association membership dues payment gives you membership into THREE builder associations----local (Onslow County HBA), state (NCHBA) and national (NAHB).